We know what an uncomfortable feeling it can be to step foot into a church when you don’t know a soul there or a thing about it. Maybe knowing a little bit about what you can expect will help...


Top 10 Things You’ll Find at DCOG:


1. A Connection to God
Our services are designed to help people learn about God’s love and His message of hope that only He can deliver.


2. Friendly People
New people come every Sunday and that's just the way we like it! We strive to make everybody feel welcome.


3. Non-judgmental Attitude
At this church, we’re all pretty open about the fact that none of us are perfect or has all the answers. We’re all in different stages of spiritual growth, and so we accept one another with love like Christ loves us, warts and all.


4. People of All Ages
We have people of all ages coming to DCOG. You’ll find young families and couples, senior adults, singles, teens, single parents, and lots of kids.


5. Kid Loving Atmosphere
We LOVE kids! They are our future, and we support them and nurture their growth through all of our children’s ministries.


6. Practical Messages in Understandable Language
Learn about biblical decision making, marriage, parenting, fear, leadership, building healthy relationships, etc.


7. No Obligations
When you come, you won’t be singled out, asked for money, embarrassed or anything else that could be awkward.

8. Casual Dress

 Although some people do dress up a little, you don’t have to.


9. No Snoring
 The services and messages here will grab and hold your attention whether you’re 15 or 55. The music, the message, the people, it's all one package deal that will get you and keep you excited about God.


10. Great Music
You will find keyboards, electric guitars, drums and some pretty amazing music. We have a blend of contemporary and traditional styles.

Where to Find Us:

Dillon Church of God
701 Highway 301 South
PO Box 573
Dillon, SC 29536

Phone: 843.774.8021


Email: info@dilloncog.org

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