It is with great honor that we come to you as worship Pastors of Dillon Church of God. Thank you for your interest in this growing ministry at D.C.O.G. We, as the body of Christ, are at a pivotal point in these last days. Music is the single thing anyone can relate to on some level. Not only is it pleasing to the ear but it gets to the “heart of the matter” and touches you both emotionally and spiritually. It penetrates the soul and changes even the coldest hearts. This simple truth is something we as the body of Christ can use to our advantage. Not only are we establishing a closer relationship with our Savior but we are tearing down walls set up by Satan as we worship and praise our wonderful God.


Please feel free to contact us at the church office at 843-774-8021 Ext. 225 for questions or more information.


In His Service and Yours,


Pastor Brian & Jennifer Rhodes

Worship Pastors


Philosophy of Music

Music is much more than a song; it is the foundation of our worship.  Worship requires a person’s active participation.  It is the very core of communication and the building of a relationship with God.  Without this communication, there is no relationship.  Going to church is much more than just a habitual visit to a building with four walls.  The church is symbolically the House of God, that place where, in His fullness, God abides.  We come into the house of God to Praise and Worship Him, therefore communing with Him. 


When taking this into consideration, we should realize the enormous responsibility in leading and ushering others into the presence of God.  While worshiping, the expression on our faces should demonstrate and inspire the need to praise our God and to enter into the Holy of Holies.  When the church body begins to praise and worship God in one accord, the Lord will move in mighty ways, often manifesting Himself in healing, deliverance, and salvation. 



Standard of Excellence

God deserves our very best; therefore the members of the Music Department at Dillon C.O.G. are expected to do all things with excellence.  Whether rehearsing, preparing for a service or special event, or a myriad of activities we should always give 110%.  Christ gave His life for us, so we should be willing to go that extra mile for His Kingdom in ministry. 


As members of the choir, band, praise teams, etc. and being children of God, we are expected to set an example in all that we do regardless the situation.  What you do in your own personal time reflects the church.  A Standard of Excellence is not achieved by doing things halfway, through complaining, gossiping, or basic negativity.  Positive Christ-like attitudes and flexibility are a must for every member of the Music Department both inside and outside the church walls and at all times.



Music Ministry Objectives

  • To lift up the name of God
  • To be committed to Christ and to this ministry
  • To serve those around us
  • To inspire others to worship and praise God
  • To create an atmosphere that is conducive to the Holy Ghost
  • To reach the lost and compel sinners to repent
  • To encourage the disheartened and strengthen the weary
  • To prepare the people for the preached Word of God
  • To tithe faithfully
  • To “pray without ceasing”
  • To encourage one another
  • To possess an attitude of worship




Requirements for Membership

To become a member of the D.C.O.G. Sanctuary Choir one must have attended D.C.O.G. faithfully for at least 1 month.  While church membership is not required we do recommend all prospective members be in agreement with our denominational beliefs and consider joining in the following months.  Anyone joining the choir must attend at least 2-3 weeks of practice before ministering to our congregation.  Our current practices are Wednesday nights from 7-8pm and Sunday mornings from 8:30-9:30am.  It is imperative that each member be prepared before participating in any worship service.  Though age is not an issue, it is imperative anyone younger than sixteen years of age exhibit maturity before being allowed to join the choir.  Their participation of will be left at the discretion of the Lead Pastor and Worship Pastor.  Lastly, and most importantly, each member must have prayed the prayer of salvation and be actively living a Christian life to the best of their abilities.


Where to Find Us:

Dillon Church of God
701 Highway 301 South
PO Box 573
Dillon, SC 29536

Phone: 843.774.8021



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